GTA V - 5 Truly Evil Things You Can Do

4. Kick A Dog To Death

Gtavdog With the addition of animals to the game for the first time ever in the series, something like this was bound to happen. GTA V is full of animals of a variety of species, from predatory sharks and cougars to the more docile deer, cows, coyotes and dogs which, like NPCs, can be killed. Now, we're not talking about the Rottweilers you see from time to time guarding enemy strongholds. Those are fair game, and can be killed without feeling a pang of remorse in a kill-or-be-killed scenario. We're talking about the family dogs found running along the windswept beaches of Los Santos with their owners walking close behind. GTA V allows players to kick these poor little animals to death, if they are that way inclined, which we did once, and were left feeling cold and empty inside.

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