GTA V: 8 Ways Rockstar Can Live Up To The Hype

GTA V is riding the hype train express already, but how can it possibly live up to the buzz? Well, we have some ideas for Rockstar.

Michael Shelton


With so little information unveiled about the newest entry in the Grand Theft Auto legacy it seems inevitable that the double edged sword known as “hype” is steadily building to massive proportions. Fans everywhere are salivating at the thought of even the slightest bit of information unleashing from what I imagine to be a building with multi-layered security systems, and 10 ft. thick steel walls underneath the concrete exterior. Now, I could be exaggerating, but it would seem that Rockstar is guarding their precious Grand Theft Auto baby at incredible levels.

Speculation is running rampant among gaming analysts that we could very well be seeing GTA V before April 2013. If this holds any truth it would seem that Rockstar is either extremely confident in what they’re keeping behind closed doors and slowly building hype, or are making a huge mistake by not letting fans salivate over dozens of screens and trailers.

No matter how we view it GTA V is set to be a huge title for Rockstar, and they hype that is surrounding it will either make or break them. Here at What Culture, we have a few ideas for how Rockstar can ensure they deliver on the hype. Sweet, sweet hype.


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