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The road to Grand Theft Auto 5 has kicked into full gear lately with official gameplay reveal trailers for both the single and multiplayer but that doesn’t mean we have been given all that Rockstar is willing to tease. Review copies are on their way and people playing the finalized product breeds unavoidable leaks.

In this particular instance we are discussing Xbox Live achievements and Playstation Network trophy lists, which I often seek out prior to a game’s release for additional information and because I am a self-confessed trophy whore.

Recently leaked the achievements list which contains even more marvelous revelations sure to satisfy every kind of GTA fan. Presented to you are 9 of the most intriguing and enticing achievements.

Anything listed as secret I do not know either but they are traditionally story related trophies and this article will not be delving into spoilers so have no fears of reading onward.

9. Altruistic Acolyte

Gta V Trevor

Objective- Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult.

It is unclear if this is a story related accomplishment although I firmly believe it is not considering it isn’t hidden. Grand Theft Auto 4 was heavily criticized by fans for sucking out the franchise’s soul of shenanigans but this is only the first of many hints at ludicrous sidequests. I cannot say for certain what the description means by “unlikely suspect” but sacrificing people sounds sickeningly twisted and awesome.

This next achievement is also vague but could potentially be related to the quest as an extension or alternate path

Achievement- Riffiom!/Objective- Complete your path to enlightenment… or not.

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This article was first posted on August 31, 2013