GTA V Countdown: Best Radio Commercials In GTA III

Very shortly a lot of us will be made men and women (in a virtual world), once the release of…

Sean Curran



Very shortly a lot of us will be made men and women (in a virtual world), once the release of GTA V/GTA 5 or, for the typing enthusiasts, Grand Theft Auto Five, lands on store shelves. The arrival of such a title will hopefully be met with a bang, smash and possible screech of real world sirens in an elaborate marketing ploy, to tie in with the games harmless mischief, that also targets people who describe mundane mediocre events as epic or awesome.

I’m sure a lot of you have been nerding out to the trailers that have been drip fed to the world over the past few months; recapturing that fuzzy feeling you had upon seeing the Pink Ranger or Red Ranger, to cover all bases. The latest multiplayer trailer has just surged anticipation forcefully towards the ceiling that might not be able to hold us, which is more believable than the joy you’re supposed to experience at a Macklemore concert.

The folks at Rockstar always manage to outdo themselves with each incarnation into the GTA series as their living, breathing world springs to life from a single disc. The characters, settings and pedestrians waddling about accomplishing their daily chores is impressive, with the trailers showcasing that we have a vastly improved world on offer come 17th September. Along with the visual element of the state and the understandably praised soundtrack, GTA has constantly provided us with some fantastic tongue in cheek, over the top radio commercials that partner the tone of the games perfectly.

Apart from the unscripted mayhem that feeds fans inner demons, as a comedy fan, I’m excited to hear the new satirical, comedy gold that’s always their radio commercials. First up is where the series took its first steps towards global dominance and hilarious media outcry, GTA III.