GTA V Gets March 2013 Release Date?

Why a March release is looking more and more plausible with each passing day.

Ryan Musker


A few months ago, Rockstar Games said they intended to make $1 billion in revenue before the end of March 2013. A nice figure but one that because their recent release, the rather excellent Max Payne 3, didn’t sell all that well, is surely only realistic with the release of Grand Theft Auto V within the next seven months.

Interestingly enough, Max Payne 3’s original release date was in March. Furthermore, a very old clue, from the tear in the bottom of the Episodes From Liberty City manual, hints at GTA V “opening in March.”

Note the bottom right corner.

With the recent news on Grand Theft Auto V not being at GamesCom 2012, it seems unlikely that the game will launch in October or even December, otherwise Rockstar would be advertising the game more heavily at this point.

A new GTA is obviously a big release and we all know Rockstar are sitting on a goldmine likely of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in sale in no time at all. Even two new small, minor screenshots set the internet ablaze this week. #GTAV was trending on Twitter in minutes after Rockstar’s post yesterday.

A lot of fans are starting to predict the proposed release date as being May 24th 2013, due to the 2405 hints scattered throughout last November’s trailer. While this is a plausible theory and fits Rockstar’s recent record, we should also remember May 24th is GTA creator Dan Houser’s birthday and it is possible this is the reason 2405 keeps coming up.

Our guess is GTA V must be coming before March because if Rockstar doesn’t release GTA V by then, they will not hit their billion dollar target. At the same time this year just seems too soon as we are already hitting mid-July and there’s no major advertising campaign on the horizon, which makes us think a March release is looking more and more plausible with each passing day.

Note the 2405. In this instance, it’s a street number. Could it be hinting to something more?