GTA V March 1st 2013 Release Date Revealed?

GTA 5 set for a March release date?

The Internet has been awash with GTA V rumours for months now, and due to Rockstar's secrecy regarding the title, any concrete information has been few and far between. However, according to, we could finally have stumbled upon our first big piece of major news. The latest in Rockstar North's critically acclaimed sandbox series is due to be released on March 1st 2013, so says the online retailer. It was speculated as far back as January this year that GTA V would launch in March 2013 - whilst Rockstar chose the month of April to release its predecessor, GTA IV, back in 2008, so this would seem to correlate with Rockstar's recent launch pattern. Fans of the series had hoped for a Christmas release, whilst information regarding the title has been a closely guarded secret, with only one trailer, a handful of screenshots and tidbits of details being all Rockstar have provided us with so far. If online retailer are to be believed however, we can expect to see GTA 5 next March. It should be stressed at this point that the above release date is by no means official, and should be treated as pure conjecture until Rockstar themselves release anything legit. According to GameStop though we can expect the title to retail at £44.97, and there is the apparent ability to pre-order through the retailer's online shop.
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