Console players are enjoying an online multiplayer spike on Rockstar titles recently. Following last weekend’s Red Dead Redemption triple XP and with new Rockstar social events on the horizon, many awaiting GTA V have brushed the dust from older games to submerse into Rockstar’s open worlds.

After a few hours taking advantage of this, I began to ponder about Grand Theft Auto V and what we’ll all be doing in the next world it gives us. We know that the game will take place in Los Santos and the surrounding countryside, and is said to be bigger than RDR, GTA IV and San Andreas combined.

Now this is huge but this is including interiors too, meaning the square footage of every room, tunnel, bridge, and the subway is included in that, as well as the sea bed. That said, this still promises to be a masive sandbox to bask in both single player and online. So, with knowledge on the playground – what will keep players occupied? What will GTA’s new multiplayer be like, and what can we hope for?



5. Co-op

Dan Houser confirmed that despite the revolutionary switching of protagonists within the story, campaign co-operative play will not feature. So, I’m sorry to start on a downer! Though we’ll have to handle Michael, Trevor and Franklin alone, those who seek co-op play have been told that Rockstar will ‘fulfil those desires’ in multiplayer. 

You can also bet your house on there being a compelling free roam option with team death-matches thrown in. Apart from these certainties there isn’t much else to go on; GTA IV had a selection of co-op missions inspired by the narrative, as did RDR, so it seems likely that there will be more of these, likely centred on robbery.

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This article was first posted on January 25, 2013