GTA V Online: 5 Annoying Things Everybody Hates

GTA V is probably going to come out on top at the end of this year as 2013’s greatest game….

Shaun Lappin


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GTA V is probably going to come out on top at the end of this year as 2013’s greatest game. In many (if not most) ways it is well deserved. Considering that there is a new generation around the corner, GTA V has serves as a welcome swan song for this generation of consoles, much like San Andreas did 9 years ago for its generation.

With each passing addition of GTA, the world has yearned for a multiplayer experience that works in harmony with the single player – One that stands up to its stellar solo campaign. With GTA Online, we are almost there…But not quite.
Feel free to disagree, but after just looking on a few forums it becomes quite apparent that most of the following points are issues everybody seems to have with GTA Online. All of these could be rectified with a patch and/or very little work.

So, if you are reading this Rockstar, please take note, we all know you are very responsive when it comes to fan feedback:


5. Everyone Looks The Same

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As a result of some very odd character creation choices, picking your own gene pool has seemingly made no huge difference to general appearances.

Everybody in GTA V looks like some sort of crack head bastardized child of John Marston. If you decided not to pick the Red Dead hero as your Pappy, then the only difference you will have is that you don’t have really small eyes and a tiny little smirk written all over your face.

Would it have killed Rockstar to make the character creation a little more obvious? This whole choosing your parents vibe, whilst obviously trying something different, hasn’t really succeeded at all since everyone within Los Santos looks about as graphically imaginative as a Second Life character.

There are a few exceptions to this rule however; I have seen plenty of transvestite looking 7 foot tall black women running around thanks in part to the high heels that can be purchased – All men seem to pale in comparison when it comes to height, which is evidence again of the inconsistent weirdness of everyone who inhabits the sunny world of San Andreas.