GTA V Online: Biker DLC - 10 Things You Need To Know

We always knew The Lost & Damned was GTA's best DLC.

GTA V online bikers

That's right folks, we've got yet another GTA update to talk about today, and boy, is it a big one.

Bikes are to GTA what space battles are to Battlefront; they're great, everyone loves them, and they take an absolute p*ss take to actually make it into the game itself. To the vast majority of players however, the limitless protestations, complaints and fanfare regarding bikes that were mounted by GTA's most vociferous fans seemed to amount to little more than the white noise that so commonly accompanies franchises of this stature. Rockstar were clearly listening however, as they only went and announced that the title's latest update would in fact feature motorcycles, leather pants, and bad facial hair. Yippee.

But how will this all factor into the wanton carnage so synonymous with Los Santos' online counterpart? Of course, the usual additions of clothing items, weapons and cosmetic changes are all a given (and were even teased in the accompanying images of Rockstar's announcement), but perhaps the most intriguing question to broach is this: just how much life does GTA V have left to give?

By all means, Take-Two's monstrous moneymaking monolith has had its moments over the years - from Heists, to CEOs and more - but things are starting to get a little stale. We've had three, lovely (if not mildly disappointing) years with it now, and it's about time it went out with a bang. Biker style.

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