GTA Online has received a new team-based capture the flag mode, simply titled ‘Capture’, which is out today on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The new game mode, which is described by publishers Rockstar Games as a “GTA twist” on the classic capture the flag mode, is being released as part of an automatic update, free to users.

The new multiplayer mode will be broken up into four different game types, and these are:

In Raid, your mission is to battle your way into your opponent’s stronghold and steal a package, and deliver it back to your base to secure points. The winner will be the team who deliver the most packages in the allotted time.

Teams must find packages on the map, or steal from opposing team’s bases, and store them in their bases. The team holding the most packages when the time runs out wins.

Players must steal target vehicles located throughout the map, and bring them back to base. Each team must fight to steal the most vehicles before time runs out.

In Contend, there is just one package, located in the middle of the map. Teams must battle it out to collect the package and bring it back to base. Once the package is captured it respawns and is up for grabs once more.

Capture is available today, Wednesday, December 18, and also includes a number of fixes for GTA Online. Share your thoughts on the new game mode below.

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This article was first posted on December 18, 2013