GTA V: Predicting PC Release Date

GTA V: PC Release Date

A lot of Grand Theft Auto fans out there will be PC users. Some may not even own a console. The main question that is being asked by fans is just when GTA V will be released on the PC?

There are quite a few people who own PC's that are more than capable of handling GTA V to better settings than any of the modern day console can. That is just one advantage of PC gaming compared with console gaming, there are others, but I shan't get bogged down on those.

The main reason why the PC release is often delayed by Rockstar is simply a clever marketing technique. As a big company, they have to consider piracy rates - which are getting increasingly high - more and more people choose piracy over buying the game. This however, isn't the only reason. There are several people who possess both a console that is capable of running GTA V and a PC that could perhaps outperform that console. Obviously if the game was released on all platforms at the same time, these people would prefer picking up the PC version of the game, simply because a PC would be able to handle the game well but also due to the modifications that are made exclusively for PC games.

When a Rockstar representative was asked about the PC version of the game, the response was, €œwe€™re focused on the console versions right now.€ This again comes down to a marketing technique, in the present day it would simply be absurd if GTA V wasn't released on the PC.

There is however a trend that I have picked up on, Rockstar have always delayed the PC release of various Grand Theft Auto games - for some games such as Vice City Stories a PC version wasn't released, but in 2013, with the popularity of PC gaming it would simply make no sense if there was not a PC version of the game.

After a bit of research that I've did, there was on average a 200 day gap between Rockstar releasing a particular game on a Console and the PC, take GTA 3 for instance, it was released for PlayStation 2 on October the 22nd 2001, 210 days later it was released for PC. A more recent game, GTA IV, was released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on 29th of April 2008, 217 days later it was released on the PC. The trend continues for various games that Rockstar have released and it makes sense to think it will be no different for GTA V too!

This leads to my final prediction that GTA V will be released on the PC in either September or early October.

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