Recently there’s been a lot of debate about how the sexual content and violence in Grand Theft Auto and other video games in general has an impact upon players. Due to the nature of the sexual content in the games, Grand Theft Auto games were been banned in Australia and are still banned in Saudi Arabia. The bans in Australia were lifted once Rockstar removed the sexually explicit material, however, there’s still a big chance that GTA V could be banned in other countries; not just Saudi Arabia and Australia.

The media is full of people (mostly those who have barely played the game) complaining that GTA V is too inhumane. Many said the Sandy Hooks massacre was due to violent video games – such as Grand Theft Auto. Others disagree with this, as they feel that there is no firm evidence that suggests that those who play video games are more violent than those who don’t.

Though I’ve never really been a big fan of the ‘prostitution’ system in Grand Theft Auto games, I’m not against it and it isn’t something I hate, I just don’t see how it is enjoyable but regardless of my opinion there are lots of people out there who enjoy it and take full advantage of the built in features, the main question is, will the on-going debates, lead Rockstar to decrease the amount of sexual content and violence within GTA V?

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This article was first posted on February 16, 2013