GTA V September Release Date: Rockstar Must Appease Fans Annoyed By Delay

A few days ago, Rockstar told us that Grand Theft Auto V was no longer going to be released in…




A few days ago, Rockstar told us that Grand Theft Auto V was no longer going to be released in the Spring but instead on September 17th. I must say, the announcement definitely annoyed a few fans. I would say there were 50% who felt that they would rather wait for a better game that Rockstar have spent more time developing and there was the other 50% who were really impatient and just wanted the game now regardless of its state. No matter what side of the argument you fall upon, Rockstar have to make it up to their fans, after all, annoyed fans aren’t the sort of fans you want!

No doubt Rockstar will release something related to Grand Theft Auto V in February, to generate a bit more hype, the hype that died down when they told everyone the game will be released in September. Fans were also expecting the cover art of the game in January but Rockstar failed to deliver that too, however, the good news is that Rockstar have said the official box art will be coming out ‘a bit later as well’, now this depends on your interpretation – does later mean this month? Or closer to the release date?

Rockstar will release screenshots, perhaps a trailer and artwork this month to appease the hype that’s died down. An interesting idea a friend of mine shared with me is the possibility of having Rockstar give chunks of information about the game – they’ve done this through the GameInformer magazine – what’s stopping them from doing this again? The GameInformer magazine was great – if you’re a GTA fan and haven’t read it, you’re missing out! It summed up GTA V quite nicely for now.

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