Has GTA V Pre-Order Shown Up in UK Gamestation Stores?

GTA V shows up as a pre-order item in the UK through Gamestation: but is it real or fake?

Matt Mann


Gamerzine reported earlier today that GTA V has shown up as a pre-order item in the UK through retailer Gamestation. There is a receipt circling online that clearly shows a gamer was able to pre-order the game before Gamestation was able to remove it.

GTA V has been rumored for a release next year but there has been no official information confirming this. GTA V has also shown up as a 2012 pre-order for a Germany Gamestop but was later taken down as well.

However, a new report has surfaced that has exposed this initial rumor of a pre-order for GTA V might be false. A reader contacted another website claiming to be an assistant manager of a Gamestation and basically stated that the receipt was fake because there is no amount paid and you need to put money down on a pre-order. The assistant manager went on to make other assertions as to why the receipt is fake.

So is this rumor true or false? It is hard to say at this point, what we do know is that Rockstar has remained tight lipped about the game but GTA V will turn up somewhere sooner or later… we are guessing next year.