What caught your eye in last week’s GTA V Gameplay Trailer?

Was it the new three-way character switching mechanism? The stunning graphics? The shootouts and police chases?

Well, if you’re one of Reddit’s 3.3 million subscribers, it was neither of the above.

On the internet’s biggest gaming community, nothing was more important last week than finding out the purpose of a “mystery shed” located at the top of the game’s highest mountain.

The hut-like structure, dubbed “The Shed”, can be seen at the 00:27 mark in the gameplay video and has driven fans wild with curiosity. What’s in there?

From Lost character Desmond inputting the numbers 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 every 108 minutes to a simple parachute location, some of the suggestions put forth so far range from the funny and the absurd to the intriguing and plausible.

Rockstar are well known for their pranks and for whipping up myths and curiosity in their games. In 2004, they had gamers in their thousands hunting the “back-o-beyond” region of San Andreas for a Big Foot creature, while other “paranormal” activity was also present in the game, such as Ghost Cars, suicidal pedestrians, UFOs and a suspicious wheelchair.

And it looks like they’ve got us hooked again with this latest secret, guaranteeing we’ll all be headed for Mount Chiliad come September 17.

We’re pretty sure “The Shed” won’t be the only myth Rockstar put in GTA V either, and here, we round up 5 More Myths & Legends We Want To See.

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This article was first posted on July 16, 2013