Grand Theft Auto V has been dominating console talk over the last 12 months but this is taking things to another level.

If fans hadn’t heard or seen enough of Rockstar Games’ latest PS3-bound sandbox crime epic, which never seems to be out of the public consciousness, they’ll have got an eye-full of it if they pick up this specially-themed 500GB console later on this year.

The console, which is coming as part of a bundle that includes a copy of Grand Theft Auto V and a 30-day PlayStation Plus trial, was unveiled on Twitter by Sony’s Adam Boyes.

And it takes the meaning of “GTA V on the PS3″ to a whole new dimension.

The bundle will be released on September 17 and will retail at $299.99 in North America.

Likewise, Sony and Rockstar are collaborating on a specially themed GTA V Pulse – Elite Edition headset that will be complete with artwork from the game and will be available exclusively at GameStop also on September 17 for $179.99.

It is unknown at this stage if the aforementioned peripherals will be made available in the United Kingdom.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will also release on Xbox 360 and next-generation console Xbox One on Sept 17 in North America.

The GTA V-themed PS3 features the images of the game’s three playable protagonists Michael, Franklin and Trevor, and you can view their character trailers below.

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This article was first posted on June 17, 2013