After the release of the first GTA V reveal trailer, the online gaming community went into ructions so loud and fervent, I could almost physically hear them from where I sit. And then, almost as suddenly as they’d came, R* vanished.

It was a long wait until we heard from them again. Not so long ago, they began drip-feeding us screenshots – just so as we wouldn’t have a chance to forget – and as you’ll know, this eventually led to a much more detailed second trailer, and the revelation of several key details in a GameInformer GTA V cover issue.

And once again, the online gaming community went into ructions of excitement, renewed interest and of course, in the light of more solid facts, even further and more detailed speculation.

Even though more details have been released, there are still many unanswered questions, even from the trailers alone. So, I thought it time to re-examine both the reveal and the second trailer – it’s so rich that there’s every chance you might have missed something. I know I certainly did.

So without further chatter, let’s dive in and take a look back at ten big things you might have missed n GTA V’s current set of trailers.

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This article was first posted on November 21, 2012