PC Release Date

So we’ve been told that there’s going to be a delay in the release of Grand Theft Auto V – quite a long delay – four months. The main question many of you are now asking is just when is Grand Theft Auto V going to be released on PC?

Though we’ve been given a release date, 17th September, one would naturally assume that the PC version will be released after this – originally it was set for release in Spring and Rockstar had said that they weren’t planning on releasing the game on the PC in Spring. Rockstar haven’t dropped a hint so far about the PC version of the game, but it would be illogical if it was not released, there are so many PC’s out there that would easily outperform modern gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 3.

The video below sums up nicely when we should expect a PC release and why Rockstar tend to delay releasing the game on PC’s – which in short is nothing but a nifty marketing technique!

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This article was first posted on February 7, 2013