The new multiplayer trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has just been dropped by Rockstar, making it clear that this is going to not only going to be the most ambitious title in the franchise to date, but also one of the most exciting video games in history. Clearly, the time, effort and resources that have been poured into this game are far in excess of the majority of video games in production today.

Referred to as Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar make it abundantly clear in this trailer that GTA Online is very much its own arm of the game and not just a half-assed expansion. It is a persistent online world for 16 players that uses the world of the game, but will apparently expand after its launch on October 1st with additional content to diversify the experience and make the world feel “alive”.

The staggering number of features that the mode offers include exploring the world with friends, co-operative missions, designing your own missions, playing golf together, racing on land, air and sea, buying your own apartment, purchasing a garage, and even having your friends round to hang out. You can also customise your player’s appearance, hone their stats, earn rep and cash, and essentially rise through the ranks of this immense online world.

GTA Online comes packaged with the full game on September 17th at no extra cost, and will then launch two weeks later. As if this game couldn’t get anymore time consuming…


What do you make of GTA’s staggeringly ambitious online offering? How many days are you calling in sick for work? Let us know in the comments below.

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This article was first posted on August 15, 2013