GTA VI: 10 Perfect Ways To Revisit Vice City

Imagine cruising through Little Havana in 4K...


Ignore the fact we just want it to happen for a second, because GTA VI has to be set in Vice City. After all, Rockstar already reimagined Liberty City in GTA IV and San Andreas for 2013's sparkling GTA V. The latter was on current-gen hardware and looked spectacular, so just imagine what would be possible for those sun-kissed skylines of Vice in GTA VI.

Cruising down the strip at Ocean Beach in a souped up Cheetah would be awesome. Hell, even meandering along the boardwalk in a lame Faggio could work; simply seeing Vice City's sprawling Florida landscapes come to life on PS4/Xbox One (or beyond, depending when the game comes out) is the stuff dreams are made of whether travelling fast or slow.

Rockstar need to make this a reality. Gamers deserve the chance to see what current technology can create with Vice City. The question is: do Rockstar set the game in present day, or do they go back to source and roll with the hedonism of the 80's?

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