GTA VI: 9 Things That Must Happen In 2018

1. GTA Online Content Finally Finishes


It's already been announced that GTA Online as players know it won't be around forever, as publisher Take Two is interested in creating hype for the next game to make sure fans don't just continue investing in the current one.

Part of the reason why the latest GTA succeeded so much was because fans were starved for a new entry in the series after the fourth game and its expansions released. With the long wait between sequels creating anticipation and demand, the spaced-out release of V paid off in spades, quite literally, by raking in billions of dollars.

A big indicator that a new GTA is on its way then, would be for new content for Online to dry up in 2018, as Rockstar and Take Two gear up to push the multiplayer modes in the sixth game instead.

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