How A Bioshock Film Script Adaptation Should Read

What Culture presents the first pages for the first ever Fan Love script, in all it’s soon to be film glory.

Michael Shelton


There’s really no love greater than fan love. A seemingly infinite amount of ways are available to express our passions for the things we love. Here at What Culture, we have created something unique, and perhaps a way for all of our voices to be heard, in an even greater way.

With the recent New Year’s End Bioshock Fan Film proving that the core ideas behind Bioshock lend themselves to film, as well as the feature film adaptation in what apperas to be eternal limbo, it seems more attention should be brought to the core idea of adapting games into film. Many times a video game is adapted into an entirely different creature once it hits the big screen, and this for me is blasphemy.

Video games have proven in recent years that their story’s can rival that of the greatest films, but the trick lies in finding writers who understand what makes a game great. Another key component is to write an engaging and compelling film without completely ravaging the spirit of what gamers loved in the first place. Now, I present you the first pages for the first ever Fan Love script, Bioshock, in all it’s soon to be film glory. At least we can hope so right?

Are you pumped to wait in line on opening night? Do you want to bash your computer screen relentlessly in uncontrollable rage? We want to hear your thoughts!

Maybe with this, just maybe, we can save our games from being completely butchered. I’m looking at you Resident Evil. Retaining the original experience that our favorite game establishes can serve the film well. Expanding on these ideas and changing aspects to better serve the screen will ensure that what we watch, is similar to what we play, but also an entirely new experience.