Injustice 2: 5 Confirmed Features To Get Excited About

The definitive Batman vs. Superman experience.

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Netherrealm took their fighting passion found in Mortal Kombat and managed to put it into the world of DC with Injustice: Gods Among Us. This superhero fighter showed us what would happen in Flash fought Batman, if Superman fought Solomon Grundy and if Nightwing fought Cyborg. It also gave fans a glimpse into an alternate world where Superman reigned supreme and eradicated crime in a drastic manner.

Since 2013 the franchise has gone from strength to strength, combining great fighting mechanics and an interesting story with a fantastic presentation, resulting in one of the best licensed fighting games of all time.

With this success, Netherrealm aim to improve upon their already solid formula with Injustice 2. Whilst the sequel doesn't aim to reinvent the fighting genre, it will be adding a number of new characters, refining past qualms and introducing all-new gameplay mechanics like a loot-based gear system.

Injustice 2 has so much for fans of superheroes and the fighting genre to look forward to, so let's break down the most recent unveilings so far...

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