Injustice 3: 10 Supervillains NetherRealm Must Include

Which DC supervillains should appear in the threequel?

Justin Murray/NetherRealm

With the entire premise of NetherRealm's Injustice revolving around DC characters fighting each other in spectacularly over the top brawls, it's no surprise that the heroes are going to take centre stage, with hero vs hero confrontations a rare and sometimes more compelling spectacle to watch.

Though, despite the brilliant story that has sprung from this idea, the games are definitely lacking a true villainous presence, something that, while the sequel certainly improved, is still a problem overall.

From Batman's rogues' gallery to the villains of the Flash, Superman and beyond, here are the DC villains NetherRealm must include in Injustice 3.

10. King Shark

DC Comics

You may not expect it, but in the Injustice comics, King Shark has actually been one of their best elements, having both had a really sweet wedding with Orca and also... an unremarkable death at the hands of the Flash?

Obviously, the character had to come back from this 'death' to get married, but enough about that, Shark boasts a great visual appeal and has some great fighting abilities - plus, his aforementioned history would make for some great dialogue interactions between the other heroes and villains already present.

With the character being another one of those who isn't used nearly as much as they should either, an appearance in Injustice could be the springboard that launches him into newfound heights of popularity. Suicide Squad 2, anyone?


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