Is A Nintendo Game Boy Mini On The Way?

Japanese firm registers new trademark for iconic handheld.


Hot off the heels of the roaring success of the tiny editions of the NES and more recently, its younger brother the SNES, it seems Nintendo could be about to release a fingerheld version of one of their most popular handhelds, the Game Boy. reported this morning of the discovery of a new trademarked filed by the company, specifically mentioning the 'Game Boy' name. It was originally tweeted by a Japanese trademark bot, with an accompanying illustration depicting the iconic portable.

The website of the Japan Platform for Patent Information categorises the trademark as relating to 'home video game consoles' and 'programs for smartphones', as well as more unusual physical manifestations such as 'watches' and 'necklaces'.

Given the company has found a new way to mint coin with their recent Lilliputian re-imaginings, a miniaturised miniature seems a high possibility. A few months back, Nintendo also renewed the trademark on the Nintendo 64, further suggesting that there is more to come from these nanoscopic nostalgia trips.

Though a Game Boy mini would undoubtedly be minute, it'd go someway to beating the Game Boy Micro, a beautifully-sleek 5cm long redesign of the Game Boy Advance, released in 2005. Any smaller than that, and we'd be looking at a product only fit for Borrowers.

As ever, check back for more details.

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Editorial Team

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