Jagged Alliance: 5 Things That Could Fix The Series

Back in Action? Not so much. The Latest Jagged Alliance games are sure to bring you a fit of Rage.

Cliffhanger Productions

Jagged Alliance is a name sure to bring back fond memories for many a '90s kid. A game about mercenaries fighting the good fight with unique characterizations, great art, an engrossing story and a solid isometric tactical combat system.

The high watermark for the series came in 1999 with the release of Jagged Alliance 2, which even included a character creation feature that allowed us all to play as ourselves – or at least some bastardized idea of ourselves.

But the past two decades have not been kind to the franchise – having been bought up or given off to no less than five developers and six publishers in that time. The latest release from December, 2018 – Jagged Alliance: Rage – has some neat features, but judging by the reviews - including only a 42% positive rating on Steam - it's just garbage with a once-loved franchise name on it.

Going forward, the fans deserve better. So here are a handful of ideas we think would really bring the franchise back and let it get the love and polish it deserves.


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