Kingdom Come: Deliverance - 11 Incredibly Helpful Secrets You Need To Know

A level of detail to make even Bethesda jealous.

Kingdom Come Deliverance Henry

In case you're not in on the hype, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is fast becoming 2018's finest RPG. A uniquely framed tale routed in historical accuracy (minus the appearance of the occasional potion or the complete omission of anyone other than white people), Warhorse Games have made something that because it's so brutally unforgiving, remains imminently rewarding at every turn.

Playing as the young son of a blacksmith, Henry, the whole point of doing a literal "rags to riches" tale is to start out with a complete lack of skills. You'll get beaten up in seconds, likely be thrown in jail. You'll struggle to pick a lock and flail uncontrollably with a sword. You'll break bones from falling, get poisoned by eating out of date meat - you'll even struggle to afford new clothes and be turned away from NPCs for smelling too bad.

Yes, this is 1400's Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), and this level of realism is a hill you'll have to climb.

Thankfully, Warhorse have also layered their fantastic RPG with scores of secrets and methods of success that come from thinking through problems using real-world logic.

Not all make sense in this way, but I can guarantee one thing: You certainly won't be any worse off taking this advice on board...

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