Kingdom Hearts 3: 10 Major Hints For The Future Of The Franchise

9. The Unnamed Star

Square Enix

One of the more confusing moments in Kingdom Hearts 3 comes from a completely missable scene in one of the penultimate worlds.

After the first attempt at the final battle, Sora ends up in a Kingdom Hearts version of limbo called 'The Final World'. In this world, Sora has to piece himself together in order to have one more shot at saving everyone.

In this scene, you get the chance to interact with several stars, revealing the thoughts of those stuck there. Two of those stars actually trigger important cutscenes, with one of them even featuring Namine.

The other star goes unnamed, but references that she is waiting for someone whose heart has been replaced and reveals that she was killed by somebody.

Although this is very deep into Kingdom Hearts lore, people believe that this star is Strelitzia, the brother of Marluxia's somebody Lauriam.

That's a lot to swallow, but it does hint at more connections being made between Union X and the bigger entries.


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