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There were a number of talking points to come from Sony’s E3 conference, which revealed new details about the PlayStation 4 and some of the games that would be created for it. One of the most notable announcements confirmed that, after years of rumours and speculation, Square-Enix’s Kingdom Hearts III was officially in development for release on the new console.

It’s been eight years since the release of Kingdom Hearts II on the Playstation 2, though a number of side-stories and spin-offs (five, to be precise) have been released on an assortment of handheld consoles to keep the franchise going and the first game in the series is scheduled for a HD re-release in the autumn.

Every game has featured a number of ‘worlds’ for players to explore, each based on a different Disney property ranging from Winnie the Pooh to Tron. Some have featured only in one game and some in several, meaning that Kingdom Hearts III will almost certainly feature surroundings that we’ve seen before. To ensure that the game isn’t merely a rehash of its predecessors, however, there’s sure to be a number of new locales.

These new environments are what this article seeks to speculate on and listed are eleven Disney properties which haven’t been featured in the series before, but would be welcome additions to one of the most anticipated games in recent history.

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This article was first posted on June 12, 2013