Week 9 was the final week of the season, and the playoff picture is now set. Cloud Nine, Team Vulcun, TSM Snapdragon, Team Curse, Counter Logic Gaming, and Team Dignitas all qualify. However, the sixth place slot is up for relegation; not all of these teams are safe. Velocity eSports and Team Coast will be forced to fight for their careers against amateur teams to qualify for the following Spring Split.

There was a lot learned during Super Week, in which all eight teams played five games. Some tried new strategies, while others continued to dominate with what they relied on for the whole season. Overall, there were mixed results.


1. Cloud Nine (25-3)

Cloud Nine

After several weeks of dominating the top of the leader board, Cloud Nine continued their rampage through the end. They went 4-1 this week, beating Team Dignitas, Team Coast, Counter Logic Gaming, and TSM Snapdragon, three of which are playoff teams. Their only loss of the week came to the tricky Team Vulcun, the second place team. Team Vulcun is the only team to beat them twice. Cloud Nine looks to be a favorite to win the whole thing. After several dominating victories this season, Cloud Nine has the record for most wins in a season (25) and longest win streak (13 games).

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This article was first posted on August 21, 2013