LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - 10 Easter Eggs, Secrets & References You Must Find

Anakin?! What are you doing here?

lego star wars the force awakens easter eggs

Saw Force Awakens? Good, then you'll have been dying to play something, anything that resembled its most memorable moments. So far, all that amounted to was a Disney Infinity DLC pack, but now LEGO have waded in and applied their signature sauce to the entire film, everything from whizzing round the rebel base as BB-8 to blowing up Starkiller base as Poe is perfectly realised.

Best of all, part of the LEGO brand is a healthy dollop of humour with self-aware jibes at the franchise in question, and when it's Star Wars we're talking about, that provides all manner of incredibly heartwarming reasons to play through and see everything developers Traveller's Tales have conjured up.

Thankfully, LEGO The Force Awakens plays perfectly, looks absolutely stunning, and sees the entire cast reprise their roles for additional dialogue and bonus scenes. It's already quite the fan-servicing package, and if you've got a soft spot for LEGO (which, who doesn't?) the easter eggs and secrets within are just perfect.

With a ton to see and do, let's start with...


10. What Happened To Captain Phasma?

star wars the force awakens captain phasma

After the credits finally roll, Traveller's Tales took have taken it upon themselves to put together a host of "What happened next?"-style vignettes. They're entirely for comedic effect, and range from Finn starting his Jedi training to a random First Order officer triggering Snoke's hologram-connection when he's in the bath. The best of the bunch comes from The Force Awakens' most underused character, Captain Phasma, who this time round gets not only a boss fight, but an additional post-credits scene.

Fantastically reprised by Gwendoline Christie (having the entire cast is just delightful), Phasma is seen dealing with the ramifications of surviving in Starkiller's trash compactor. She even fights a Dianoga (the one-eyed worm thing from A New Hope), proving that even the underbelly of this base was exactly the same as what went before.

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