Madden 19: 9 Best Rookie And Veteran Players By Position

Will the students become the teachers?

EA Sports

Madden 19 is the latest entry into the world of NFL and thankfully it is more than just a re-skin and a money grab. The game makes large improvements with a concentration on player motion and movement. Long gone are the days of holding R2/RT to watch your receiver sprint in any direction. Graphics and overall feel of the game have also been turned up to 11 in this year’s edition, allowing for some very fun and interesting encounters.

Madden 19 has opened the doors to club 99 and have let another 4 players in, meaning there are a total of 7 veterans with an overall rating of 99. Are they being generous, or are the players just getting better and better? For all the rookie Madden fans out there, a player's overall stat is determined by an accumulation of 52 more in depth stats, ranging from awareness to zone coverage and everything in between.

With a strong draft class entering the 2018 edition of the game, all eyes are focused on the best rookies and breakout sleepers, and whether one day they can emulate their veteran counterparts.


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