Mass Effect 3: 5 Other Broken Endings We’d Fix

Five other endings in games that we weren't happy with and how we might go about fixing them if we had an all powerful New Ending DLC Machine.

Laura Kate


With Bioware this week releasing DLC to change the ending of Mass Effect 3 because the fans were not satisfied with what was available on the disk, we thought today would be a good time to loom at five other endings in games that we weren’t happy with and how we might go about fixing them if we had an all powerful New Ending DLC Machine. In no particular order, here are our picks (Warning, spoilers ahead).

1. Eternal Sonata

Here is an example of an ending that could have been great, but didn’t stick to its guns and chickened out. What should have been a great ending where Polka dies and the world ends when Chopin passes is completely undermined when they bring Polka back because she was in love and reveal that it wasn’t just in Chopin’s head after all. This ending had a lot of potential, but was just too scared of leaving players with an ending where two of the were dead. Kill them both off when the time is right and you would have left players with a sombre but memorable and touching ending.

2. Final Fantasy X

On the topic of games that feel like they didn’t want to commit to their endings it’s time to talk about Final Fantasy X. The game built up this emotional story about the relationship between Tidus and Yuna before having Tidus just Disappear in a way that strongly hinted that he might not be gone, blatantly trying to leave room for its direct sequel. Also, they could have added a lot of weight to the ending by committing to Yuna dying during the final summoning. This game suffered at the hands of the developers knowing that they wanted to develop X-2. Without that story in the back of their minds, they could have created an ending that was up there with the likes of Chrono Trigger and some of the other JRPG’s known for the strength of their stories.