Is this Bioware’s last chance? Well, no, probably not, despite what some extremely vocal forumers might claim.

A couple of sub-par releases – Mass Effect 3 (ME3), Dragon Age 2 – are not enough to completely undo a sterling reputation built over a number of years and a vast library of quality titles, but then, it’s equally impossible to ignore the damage that’s been done to that reputation in recent years. The outcry over ME3’s ending is perhaps the most vociferous negative reaction we’ve ever seen from the gaming community, and while the free Edited Cut DLC Bioware generously offered some time later went a long way to healing those wounds, work still needs to be done.

The initial ME3 DLC offering “Leviathan” was competent and enjoyable, if somewhat confusing, but the recent bug-ridden, overpriced “Omega” seemed to enrage detractors of the series still further. The new ‘Citadel DLC’ (slated for a March 5th release in North America on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC) is confirmed as the final single-player DLC offering for the trilogy, and the biggest ever released (it’s actually being split into two parts due to memory space restrictions on downloads).

Now, Bioware are asking for a whopping $14.99 for the download, which is around a quarter of the price of a full game. With that in mind, there’s lots Bioware could and should do to mend fences with the gaming community, so let’s take a look at some of the things we’re all hoping to see next month in the conclusion to what is likely the greatest gaming trilogy ever created.

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This article was first posted on February 23, 2013