With the Reaper threat averted, galactic life is free from the eternal cycle of reprocessing, and now we’re left wondering where Bioware will take Mass Effect as a franchise. Not too long ago it was revealed that Casey Hudson is overseeing the development of an new Mass Effect game, stating that it was being built from the bottom up. This is great news, but it’s hard to imagine how the Mass Effect team could create an enemy as worthy as the Reapers, which empowered Shepard’s status as legend in the galaxy. With that in mind, do we want another trilogy?

It’s imperative that Bioware should begin an new chapter in Mass Effect. As we’ve see throughout the trilogy, there’s a whole universe of stories to be told. Beginning a new saga is not only the most logical step, but a potential place where Mass Effect can further expand its universe both in story and gameplay, and so I’ve gathered together ten things I want to see from the new saga…


10. More Mass Effect Music

One of the biggest draws of Mass Effect is not just its spectacular story-telling, but its amazing soundtrack. As time progressed throughout the series, the music got better and better, with Mass Effect 3 standing as the highlight of the series. There are many classics which stand out like “Leaving Earth”, with the piano expressing the dire situation of Earth being attacked, then the remorseless sound of the Reaper shouting out in horror that even if your a helpless child, no-one is safe from the onslaught of the Reapers. It’s beautiful poetic composing like this that yearns to hear of more off.

Where Mass Effect 2′s underlying theme for its music was epic action, Mass Effect 3 was a combination between epic action/horror. I would love to hear more of an exploration songs, giving the impression of mystery and discovering, capturing that feeling that Star Trek The Next Generation achieved with its intro as it conveyed exploring the unknown darkness of space.

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This article was first posted on October 9, 2012