Mass Effect 4: Let It Go…

While there aren’t a lot of games I would like to see sequels to; in fact I could probably count…

Raymond Ly



While there aren’t a lot of games I would like to see sequels to; in fact I could probably count them all on one hand: Mass Effect is not one of them.

I respect BioWare for everything they have done, and not only just for the Mass Effect series. They are among my favourite developers, and I generally look forward to any new content from them. However the thought of a sequel makes my skin crawl.

Currently in its early stages of design, Casey Hudson posed the question on whether we would “be more interested in a game that takes place before the trilogy, or after?“ Why it shouldn’t be set in the future, should be obvious. Unless BioWare plans on making four different games (and I’m including the ‘Defiance’ ending), then you will undoubtedly see the classic meme, asking “what do you mean none of my choices mattered?”

In terms of setting in the past, the quite obvious choice would be the First Contact Wars. But even so with only approximately 600 casualties on both sides; it would hardly seem like a good choice for a game. The Krogan Rebellions or the Rachni Wars would seem a more sensible conflicts to deal with, but the bigger issue still remains. Regardless of what event is chosen, whether it be in the current cycle or the ones that came before, it will always be a pointless: we know how the story ends.

Mass Effect has already proven to be successful enough in its comic form, to spawn a series in itself. In books, the series has proven a little shaky. Deception probably left those fond of literature with a bad taste in their mouth. Nonetheless, the medium has shown promise, and I have no doubt if given the attention it deserves, it would shine through and represent the series in a good light. In terms of film; an anime is due out at the end of the year, not to mention a Hollywood production in progress with Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures.

I like the thought of expanding the lore. But a sequel is not the way to do it; especially with other great avenues to pursue. I cannot seem to shake the feeling that the reason for Mass Effect 4 is for money and not for the fans. Countless series have remained very much in the heart of their fans by transitioning to another medium. Mass Effect has already laid the foundation for such success. Another game would only prove to disillusioned fans that EA’s long standing position of financial gain, has influenced a once great studio.

Despite all that has happened with the series, Mass Effect has a legacy to uphold. In will always have its place in history. And that’s how it should remain; in gaming history. Let it go…