Mass Effect Andromeda - Ranking Every Character From Worst To 'Best'

3. Peebee (Pelessaria B'Sayle)

Mass Effect Andromeda Asari

None of the characters in Andromeda are all that rounded, but Peebee succeeds in being written as very forthright and honest. Bioware attempt to nod your way and raise their eyebrows when Peebee is introduced by literally mounting your character for a few seconds, but following that, a lot of her interactions are thankfully more charming than forced.

She's played up as a sort of fanatical nerd; someone who adores 'Remtech' (Remnant technology) more than most, and who'll happily flirt back if you so choose. Whilst she insists on a 'no strings attached' romance (and you can do the heave-ho in a no gravity escape pod, if you like), actually building a meaningful relationship afterwards is very satisfying come the game's end.

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