Metal Gear Solid Remake: 10 Things That Must Remain Untouched

Metal Gear Solid remake? Awesome! Just don’t mess with these things…

Sam Coleman



It might seem greedy to expect a game to be remade twice but when it’s a game as brilliant as Metal Gear Solid, you can forgive fever-pitch anticipation. A while back, Hideo Kojima himself confused journalists when he seemed to state that he was actively looking for a studio to remake Metal Gear Solid using the brand spanking new Fox Engine (responsible for the amazing technical advances we’ve seen in Metal Gear Solid V). The world went crazy but it turned out that Kojima was simply saying he would love for someone to do it; it wasn’t something he was looking into right now.

Still, the fact that he’s teasing us with the idea surely indicates that it’s going to be considered somewhere down the line? After all, it’s a great way to introduce the game to a whole new audience. That must have been the intention with the game’s original remake – The Twin Snakes for Nintendo Gamecube – so it would make sense for Konami to look into remaking the game once more.

Of course, remakes walk on treacherous ground though. Make little change and people will wonder what the point was. Change too much and the fanbase will turn on you in an instant. Meeting the middle ground can be tough; Twin Snakes won over most people but some design choices (the reworked cutscenes in particular) have divided the fanbase. Is it possible to remake Metal Gear Solid and please everybody? Of course.

The developing studio just needs to be careful about what they fiddle with; the ten items on this list, for example, are an absolute no-go. Changing these would alter the very fabric of the universe…! Or, they’d simply worsen the game and make it a disappointing husk of the classic we once knew. These ten key unchangeable features include boss fights, characters and casting choices and if we were to see Metal Gear Solid in a new coat of paint, we’ll hopefully be seeing these ten things remade as close to the original spec as possible.