Monster Hunter: World - 15 Best Tips & Tricks On The Internet

From secret weapon attacks to special carving techniques and more.

Monster Hunter World Boss

It is about time Monster Hunter made its mark on the West - and with sales of over five million (and counting) across just three days, it's safe to say Capcom's veteran lizard-slicer is finally getting its due across the pond.

Because for the longest time, Monster Hunter was only as large as its most fearsome foes in Japan. Entire families continue to sit down and carve through a nightly allowances of dragons and dinosaurs, yet over in America, Monster Hunter's fans have been a far smaller, more vocal bunch.

With the release of what could easily the best entry in the franchise yet, Monster Hunter: World sees Capcom take full advantage of not only the PS4 and Xbox One technology, but a curious audience dying to give the series a chance. The environments are more detailed, the monsters more fierce and the weapons way more fun to use.

Basically, this has been the version of Monster Hunter fans have played in their mind's eye since 2004 - and the one everyone else was waiting on trying out.

With more people than ever slaying the most intimidating creatures home consoles have ever seen, let's make sure you're doing it the right way...

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