Mortal Kombat 11: 10 Guest Characters Fans Demand

Arya Stark is the pick you didn't know you wanted.


Netherrealm’s iconic fighter Mortal Kombat is returning in April for its eleventh edition, and fans are already fervent with excitement for who the guest characters might be.

That’s not because Mortal Kombat’s core characters don’t cut it; they cut everything and everyone to pieces. Scorpion et al stand up against the likes of Ken Masters, Jin Kazama and Ivy Valentine without assistance. But with the amazing guest spots they’ve had in the last two games particularly, it’s natural that there’s an interest this time around.

When it drops in 2019, it’ll end the four year wait in between 10 and 11. In that time, we’ve had Soul Calibur VI, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, the Switch’s new Smash Bros and many more besides. Some of those have been good, some have even been great, but none have quite filled the void Mortal Kombat leaves in between instalments.

It’s not just the tight, combo-driven fighting style that makes it great, either. We get that from Injustice and some prefer Tekken or Smash Bros’ free-flowing style. No, for raw, jaw dropping violence, MK can’t be beaten, and that’s why whoever the guest characters are, they’d better bring the blood.


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