Mortal Kombat: 20 Horrifically Stomach-Churning Fatalities

18. Kano - Eat Your Heart Out

The ruthless leader of the Black Dragon clan, Kano isn't shy when it comes to humiliating his opponent. After punching through a hole in his victim's chest big enough to accommodate a freshly-decapitated head and removing their heart, Kano then unsurprisingly rips off the opponent's bonce and stuffs it into the gaping cavity before booting the peculiar work of art to the floor. It's not entirely certain if his efforts in art class paid off all that well, but you have to grade him an A for effort.

17. Reptile - Acid Yak

Showing that no amount of Gaviscon could neutralise the potency of his acid, Reptile of the Saurian race has just the thing to upset your stomach. Grabbing his opponent by the jaw and forcing it open, Reptile spews forth a stream of acid from his lips into the opponents mouth quickly making its way to his victim's delicate stomach. Once he has decided that it has been corroded enough, he plunges his claws into his victim's abdomen and rips from them their acid-ravaged stomach (complete with oesophagus). Presumably off-screen, he then whips out a knife and fork and tucks in to his tasty 'catch'.

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