NBA 2K18: 10 New Screenshots You Need To See

A picture is worth a thousand words.

2K Games

"We're sitting here, and NBA 2K is supposed to be the best basketball video game franchise, and we in here talking about screenshots? Not a game. We talking about screenshots!"

This paraphrase of Allen Iverson's infamous press conference, which probably every NBA fan knows by heart, is used here not without merit. Just like with practice, screenshots don't mean a thing if the final product disappoints. However, as of right now, that's almost all we have when it comes to NBA 2K18.

Still, that doesn't mean that these pictures don't give the gaming community something to be excited about. Everyone who claims that he/she would be fine with playing the previous edition for another season is clearly a lair. Once the off-season rolls around, it's time for something fresh. There are new jerseys, new rosters, and new rookies. The customized add-ons are awesome, but basketball fans are now counting down the days to the release of the official product as much as to the start of the regular season.

These ten screenshots not only make the wait harder by showing that the game has underwent serious graphical improvements, but they also hint at new, presumably awesome, features and options available in NBA 2K18. Check them out.


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