NBA 2K18: Predicting The Roster For Every All-Time Team

31. Atlanta Hawks


Centers: Dikembe Mutombo, Al Horford, Bill Bridges

Forwards: Dominique Wilkins, Bob Pettit, Kevin Willis, Steve Smith, Eddie Johnson

Guards: Mookie Blaylock, Lou Hudson, Pete Maravich, Doc Rivers, Lenny Wilkens

Starting lineup: Mutombo, Pettit, Wilkins, Maravich, Blaylock

Lou Hudson is a Hawks legend, the best player on the team that moved from St. Louis to Atlanta in 1968. Two years later he was joined by Pete Maravich, one of the best ball-handling shooting guards ever.

The Hawks have enjoyed a lot of equally-talented players playing the point guard position, with Rivers, Wilkens and Blaylock handling the ball-handling duties. Blaylock gets the nod over the other two because of his overall ability on the offensive and defensive end.

Hawks are a guard-heavy team, so Steve Smith and Eddie Johnson, who were shooting guards when playing for the Hawks, should be classified as forwards because they were too important for the team to be passed over for less talented forwards.

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