NBA Live 18 Hands-On: 7 Things We Learned

It's (back) in the game.

EA Sports

Let's get this right out of the way: there's plenty to like about NBA Live 18. The demo is surprisingly good fun, which suggests the full release will hopefully be like that as well, unlike numerous entries in this once-storied franchise.

The demo was made available on the 11th of August, and it doesn't feature many gameplay options. Apart from drills, online streetball and Warriors versus Cavs in a NBA-Finals-Game-Seven-Baby, its main part is the introduction to The One, called The Rise.

In this limited version of the mode, the player will be able to fight their way back to relevance on the streetball circuit, and then improve their draft stock in a rookie game. Once that game is over and the player is drafted, the mode is over as well. After all, The One career mode is the selling point of NBA Live 18.

Still, when taking into consideration the disappointment that followed EA Sports' previous basketball releases, the demo is very encouraging and indicates that the full game can be at least a step in the right direction.

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