Netflix's Castlevania Review: 4 Ups And 1 Down

Beware the wrath of Dracula!

Netflix Castlevania

More experienced gamers still get a thrill when hearing the name Castlevania. The Konami franchise was one of the most revolutionary games in history, to the point that it even got its own subgenre. Younger gamers might remember the beautiful Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, which starred Patrick Stewart as Zobek/the narrator and Robert Carlyle as the main character, Gabriel Belmont.

As proven by the Netflix series, other big names are also big fans of the series, as they are attached to this project. It's written by Warren Ellis, a well-respected comic script writer known for his work on Transmetropolitan, DV8 or the X-Men. Voice actors include the Hobbit's Richard Armitage and Graham McTavish.

The combination of the promising source material, Ellis' writing and the talents of the voice acting cast already make Castlevania a must-watch, but there are more reasons to stream and enjoy. The fact that it's an adaptation of a video game might actually be off-putting to some viewers, but this is very much an adaptation that gets it right.

With the aid of Netflix, we get a legitimate show that's really easy to binge-watch. It's even more easier appreciate the work put into transferring the simple story contained in the video game to an interesting narrative.


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