New GTA V Screenshots Show Animals in the Game…

Last week, Rockstar released another batch of epic screenshots for the mouth-watering, internet frenzied Grand Theft Auto V! The screens…



GTA V: Animals

Last week, Rockstar released another batch of epic screenshots for the mouth-watering, internet frenzied Grand Theft Auto V! The screens showed off quite a bit, but we’ll save that for a future article.

Over a year ago we got the first trailer for the game and one thing that particularly caught my eye was the dog on the beach. It raised the question – what purpose will dogs serve in GTA V? Now, a year on, as Grand Theft Auto fans you’ve probably all seen the second trailer – after watching the second trailer I still felt as if the whole idea of a dog was just not ‘GTA like’. It felt out of place – perhaps this is what people thought when they saw the shamal in the GTA San Andreas trailer back in 2004.

Animals: GTA V

Now having seen the additional screenshots just recently things seem to make a lot more sense. It feels like Rockstar are doing their best to integrate animals into GTA, they want us to be able to interact with animals much more than we previously ever could have.

I’m sure many of you will agree without the addition of modifications, GTA IV got boring fast, the small, cramped yet chaotic Liberty City just didn’t have the vibe that GTA San Andreas or GTA Vice City did, and I think that the addition of animals will create something new to do within GTA. We’ve all seen the ability to kill a man with 10 different guns, we’ve seen gyms, we’ve seen boats, we’ve seen helicopters and we’ve seen hookers, what we haven’t seen before in GTA are animals – animals that’ll serve a purpose.

GTA V: Animals
I┬ábelieve the addition of animals will make GTA 5 a slightly more challenging game. Now I can’t imagine Rockstar turning Grand Theft Auto into the Sims and therefore these animals will only do things to get in your way – Dogs will probably try and protect their owners when you attack them – sharks will only make it a more challenging task to explore the ocean. Of course if you didn’t already know GTA 5 is a game that’ll consist of three protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Franklin will have his own dog, a rottweiler, ‘Chop’. What Chop will do is debatable but what seems most likely is that he’ll help out within missions, killing people that get in your way and making it that tad easier to complete certain missions!

GTA V: Animals

You can see Rockstar wanted to incorporate animals into GTA for a very long time – those that have played San Andreas will recall that within the ocean there were dolphins and other sea creatures, these served no purpose – other than a decorative one, and there’s nothing that says the sharks and the dogs within GTA 5 will serve more of a purpose, but with the technology being more advance, I believe there is nothing stopping them from adding sharks that rip you to bits and dogs that break a leg or two!

The only thing we can do now is wait till we get more – We’re waiting Rockstar!

– Oh and one more thing – I’ve made a YouTube video discussing this from a different angle – check it out below;