New Leaked Batman: Arkham Collection DOESN'T Include Arkham Origins

WB Montreal's prequel gets snubbed yet again.

Batman Arkham Collection

It might only have been three years since WB Games released Batman: Return to Arkham - a two-part collection that remastered Arkham Asylum and Arkham City for the current gen - but another one has just leaked. Courtesy of Amazon UK, Batman: Arkham Collection is set to release September 6 and will retail for £39.99. It comes with an exclusive steelbook and features the entirety of Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy, with Arkham Knight thrown in for good measure.

This new collection will also include the Earth Two Dark Knight skin, the first time it'll feature outside of North America. Rocksteady's Marketing Game Manager Gaz Deaves took to Twitter to confirm the collection, revealing that the physical release will only come to Europe and not North America. The Earth Two skin will also apparently be made available to download to all players who own Arkham Knight February next year.

As for why a new collection is being released? Well this is Batman's 80th anniversary (the steelbook even comes with a neat little sticker to denote the event), and going by rumour it seems as though it'll be a while before Rocksteady are able to unveil their next project. Still, with it coming so soon after Return to Arkham, which itself omitted Warner Bros. Montreal's Batman: Arkham Origins, fans have started to ask the question of why WB's prequel has once again been neglected the remaster treatment.

You'd think that a thing called the 'Batman: Arkham Collection' would probably include every major console release, but so far it looks as though this'll just be a repackage of Return to Arkham, only with 2015's Knight added to the mix.

Origins would've been the cherry on top, but without it, fans could probably be forgiven for feeling as though this new collection isn't the complete package.


Do you think Batman: Arkham Origins should've been in this new Arkham collection? Let us know down in the comments below.

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