Nintendo Switch: 8 Major Positives Nobody Is Talking About

"It's a Zelda machine" couldn't be farther from the truth.

nintendo switch

Right now, it feels as though the general populace is split into three camps with Nintendo's new hybrid machine.

You're either cautiously optimistic, wondering whether to take the £300 plunge if you have the spare cash, you're on the fence, thinking there's not much else to play outside of Zelda (which I can help with), or you're sat firm with your PS4/Xbox One, knowing something as niche as a 'portable home console' will never fully scratch your itch.

Regardless of where you've pitched your tent - and despite some early sales that have beaten even the original Wii - it's true Nintendo haven't done the best job of showcasing precisely why you'd want to pick up the system amongst the competition. Pre-release we had an awesome reveal teaser, a near-disastrous 'in-depth look' that focused on motion controls, then a handful of shorter 'quick looks' at various console features long after the Switch was available to critics and consumers alike.

Yes, you can take the gorgeous world of Hyrule on the go and hop between three modes of play, but as the Switch is always going to fall short of other consoles when it comes to base horsepower or third-party support, highlighting all the major positives that are otherwise being buried is incredibly important.

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Gaming Editor

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