Nintendo Wii U: 10 Reasons You Need To Get One

Now that Christmas is more than a month in the past, I believe it to be acceptable to moan and…

Tim Barzditis



Now that Christmas is more than a month in the past, I believe it to be acceptable to moan and complain about what you did and didn’t get. Seriously, it’s okay now. With that being said, you all probably have a list of things that you were hoping to find under your tree, whether it be an iPad, the complete series of Lost on Bluray, or a highly coveted Shake-Weight. I’m here to tell you that all of those cravings and sought-for items aren’t what you need to be wishing for. No. Instead, my friends, you should have asked dear old Santa Claus for Nintendo’s newest home console, the Wii U.

Not convinced? Don’t worry: I’ll tell you why the Nintendo’s confusing little system should make its way into your home as soon as possible. Here are my top 10 reasons as to why the Nintendo Wii U should be the apple of your eye.


10. The Wii U Is Nintendo’s First HD System


While Nintendo’s previous console, the Wii, may have destroyed the competition when it came to sales, most gamers would make the argument that the Wii didn’t satisfy their needs. I am not part of that camp, but I do fully understand where the disappointment comes from.

One of the big issues many had with the affordable system was that it wasn’t an HD system. On the surface, that may seem like games  simply wouldn’t look as good as their 360 or PS3 counterparts; in actuality, though, it meant that the Wii wouldn’t see many new franchises (such as Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect) or would get terrible, botched ports (Ghost Recon).

Now with the Wii U, Nintendo is on level grounds with Sony and Microsoft and may even be ahead of them if their word is to be truthfully taken. The Wii U now has Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect, and while there are still a number of titles not coming out for the new system, we can probably expect that to change within the next few months.