Overwatch - Every Hero Ranked From Worst To Best

Who reigns supreme?


With more than 7 million players picking up Overwatch in its first week, it's safe to say that the game is an instant phenomenon, with both critics and gamers alike tripping over themselves to praise it to the moon.

With its addictive gunplay and vibrant, diverse cast of Heroes, it's got something for just about any fan of the FPS and MOBA genres, and so players have been feverishly discussing which of the characters are their favourites ever since release.

Now, be clear that this isn't any sort of "authoritative" or "definitive" stats-based, tier-ranked list of the Heroes based on their DPS, health and so on, but rather a more subjective ranking based primarily on enjoyment factor and usefulness in the heat of battle. Feel free to argue your own case in the comments, because everyone's got those Heroes they love, and those few that they just can't stand.

Here is every Overwatch Hero ranked from worst to best...

21. Symmetra


Symmetra's defensive capabilities simply cannot be denied: she can set up six Sentry Turrets at once, so protecting an objective is a piece of cake. She can also protect allies with a Photon Shield and her Teleporter Ultimate Ability is enormously useful for upping the pace of battle and not wasting precious time running back to the objective.

Still, her Photon Projector isn't an especially decent weapon, she can be cut down in battle with ease by most other characters, and though the Projector's charged energy ball can cause huge damage, it takes so long to fully charge that you'll probably get killed before you can use it effectively. Not the most exciting character, but as even the "worst" character, she can be pretty useful from time to time.

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